Intangible Assets Valuation Services

Intangible Assets Valuation Services

Intangible Assets Valuation   Services

Some firms have valuable intangibles that contribute to business valuation of the company.

These assets include:

  • Various types of licenses
  • Brand names, Trademarks, Domain names
  • Patents, Copyrights
  • Client lists and
  • Unique know-how

Why Do We Need Intangible Assets Valuation Services in Ukraine?

Historically, the value of Intangible Assets for all but a few companies was effectively zero, but with improving corporate governance and general economic growth within Ukraine, many companies now have the opportunity to put defensible values on their intellectual property, raise business valuations and leverage various financial transactions.

The valuation of intangible property is specific to the industries and economic sectors in which it is located within Ukraine. At the same time, the appraisal of these assets has to be placed within a global economic context. The appraisers of IRE and Thomas and Simonova have the international multi-sector economic expertise and the recognized international certification to place the value of these assets correctly within their Ukrainian and global context. We have produced appraisal reports for all forms of intangible property in all sectors of the Ukrainian economy. 

What is the best way to appraise intangibles in Ukraine?

Each approach or method applied to determine Fair or Market value is refined to reflect the economic environment (within Ukraine and worldwide) in which specific assets and companies operate.

Company Appraisers work with each client to define the exact intangible assets and asset complexes that are to be valued, identify value characteristics, and help define the exact purpose and use of each asset valuation report. Expertise in the client’s business and the economic environment helps sharpen the analytic focus, refine the methodological approach and meet the stated purpose and use of the Asset valuation reports.

Intangible asset valuations are needed to meet the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as well as for Tax Reporting or Litigation. Intangible Asset Valuation also supports company purchase or sale decisions, equity investment and collateral debt financing.

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