Valuation Services for Financial Reporting

Valuation Services for Financial Reporting

Valuation Services for Financial Reporting

Valuation of every item of buildings and infrastructure, land, equipment, and other fixed assets must meet all IVS and IFRS requirements to be used in Financial Reporting.
These assets must be appraised in compliance with IVS and IFRS by an independent appraiser. 

Valuation services to appraise fixed assets for Financial Reporting in Ukraine.

The Company has over  25 years experience in doing appraisal reports according to IFRS requirements.
Our appraisal reports explain the methodologies and techniques used to determine Fair Value of each asset and explain how various forms of depreciation were included to accurately reflect current values.

Our appraisers have extensive expertise in valuing all types of property, plant, equipment, infrastructure and technologies subject to valuation.

What is Needed for Valuation of Fixed Assets of companies in Ukraine?

Our Company specialist assigned to each client will provide a comprehensive questionnaire tailored to the Client’s business to determine:

  • Factual and effective age of assets;
  • Current physical condition – wear and tear valuation;
  • Frequency of repairs and maintenance valuation;
  • Time-frame operating use appraisal;
  • Working use hours valuation and
  • Other data needed for competent and accurate appraisal. 

We will develop an appropriate methodology to accurately appraise each asset.

During the valuation process, we will conduct a test of impairment for each income -generating complex of assets that contribute to business value. Our appraisal reports provide accurate, documented and defensible explanations of asset value.