Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation of Companies, Investments and Financial Instruments is usually conducted for mergers and acquisitions, company sales, sales of large share packages or securities or for the appraisal of contributions to joint ventures.

Why are Business Valuation Services Needed?

It is imperative for shareholders, as well as future investors and lenders to consider the current market value of a company’s securities as well as for company managers to understand the economic and financial factors that enhance or threaten the future.

Business valuation requires expert appraisers with skill and experience in asset appraisal, shares valuation and the valuation of technologies used within the business. The Companies services draw on over 25 years of experience in business valuation within all economic sectors. Analyses incorporate trends in economic, social, and technological evolution and provide companies with guidance concerning the factors that will affect appraisal value over time.

What Data are Needed for Business Valuation to Produce a Comprehensive Appraisal Report in Ukraine?

We will work with Client’s experts, to develop comprehensive appraisal reports of current and future valuation, based on financial profitability and economic competitiveness. Forecasts of future operating activity, revenues, costs, capital investments, depreciation and debt-servicing requirements are made and explained in transparent detail in appraisal reports. We analyze in detail future profitability and competitiveness in each company.

Our market appraisal report provides a documented, explanatory and transparent valuation picture of current and future profitability and competitiveness. The depth of understanding embedded in the appraisal report can be used by our Clients to support sale or purchase decisions or further acquisition of equity and debt. Appraisal of asset and business values can be used to meet collateral requirements of banks.