Asset Valuation Services

Asset Valuation Services

Asset Valuation Services

This valuation includes Market Appraisal of specific assets, such as: Real Estate, Property Rights, Machinery and Equipment valuation, Property Appraisal for Mortgage, Property Appraisal for Divorce, Real Estate Assessment, Land appraisal, Property Appraisal for Tax Purposes, unique property appraisal.

Why Do We Need Asset Valuation in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian economy is unstable. Value changes frequently and appraisals must reflect the current economic situation. The company provides the owners of real estate including residential homes and property insurance, office buildings, retail, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and vacant land with accurate market value to support sale, purchase or debt financing of these properties. Land valuation and property  rights appraisal requires a valuation analysis of the highest and best use of land and an understanding of economic growth trends that affect land and property valuations.

The appraisal of production and distribution assets such as machinery and equipment,  transportation vehicles, pipelines and utility infrastructure must be accurately appraised within the economic environment in which these assets operate- IRE’s extensive  expertise in valuation of companies and assets within a wide range of economic sectors ensures that these property items are valued accurately to provide important information to guide investment decisions.

What Data are Needed for Asset Valuation and High-Quality Appraisal Reports?

Ukrainian properties, such as commercial, retail, hospitality, land and industrial buildings and related infrastructure, as well as machinery, equipment and transportation vehicle assets, used in all types of industrial, retail and commercial activity, must have valuations that meet strict IVSC requirements for the appraisal of property and asset valuation. Our appraisers have over 25 years of experience in this type of appraisal work in a wide variety of economic sectors, property and assets.

Our appraisal reports transparently explain the methodologies and technics used to determine market value of each asset and each property and can help with decisions to rent, buy, sell, retain, convert for other use, or retire the assets and property, depending on the purpose of the appraisals we complete on our Client’s behalf.