Paul R. Thomas – President IRE (USA) Inc. and Partner, Thomas and Simonova

Paul R. Thomas
Paul R. Thomas

Mr. Thomas is an industrial economist and financial analyst with over 30 years of direct international experience, including 20 years of experience in the appraisal industry in Ukraine. He specializes in market valuation of real estate, land, development projects, appraisal report review, and financial due diligence.

For 8 years as an economic research director at the United States Bureau of Mines, Mr. Thomas was responsible for international mineral supply analysis and worked worldwide conducting on-site enterprise evaluations from mining through refining. For 7 years as Vice President and President of the Economics Institute of the American Economics Association, located at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, he was responsible for international business development and worked directly with a large number of foreign government ministries, banks, financial institutions and private businesses around the world.

Mr. Thomas is an adjunct professor of Economics and Business who has designed academic programs and taught business and economics courses for the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado; the Colorado School of Mines at Golden, Colorado; Carnegie Mellon University in China, and in several countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia and Venezuela on behalf of the Economics Institute. He has authored numerous publications in the fields of industrial economics and asset and business valuation. He is a Practicing Affiliate Member of the U.S. Appraisal Institute and was co-developer (with Ms. Simonova) of two advanced international appraisal courses developed for the U.S. Appraisal Institute: (1) Valuation in Challenging Markets and (2) International Financial Reporting Standards for the Real Property Appraiser.

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