Ludmila Simonova – President of IRE (Ukraine) LLC and Partner, Thomas and Simonova

Ludmila Simonova
Ludmila Simonova

Ms. Ludmila Simonova is an American-Certified Appraiser and Senior Accredited Member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) – the only Ukrainian citizen to be сertified.

Ludmila serves as a Vice-President of the European Chapter of the ASA. She is also a Certified Ukrainian Appraiser and a Founding Member of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers (UTO), Fellow UTO Appraiser, Member of the Board and Chair of the International Relations Committee.

She was the lead author of Ukraine’s National Standards of Appraising, developed on the basis of IVS Standards in 2003- 2006, and co-author of the IVS-2017 translation in Ukrainian.

Recently Ludmila Simonova was appointed to Tangible Assets Standards Board of IVSC

Ludmila specializes in business and asset valuations for large and complex companies undergoing international audit located throughout Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe, USA and Central Asia.

Ludmila has worked on over 400 appraisal assignments covering a broad range of assets, purposes and uses. Asset valuations have included:

Land (vacant and improved); commercial and residential real estate; industrial real estate; hotels and retail facilities, all in compliance with International Valuation Standards (IVS); more than 50 total fixed asset valuations according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for firms undergoing international audits by Big-4 firms. Ludmila has supported litigation in the High Court of London; corporate and project debt and equity financing; company acquisition, sale, liquidation and privatisation; and financial due diligence. Her clients, projects and companies have covered a broad range of economic sectors including: energy (e.g. oil and gas production, refineries, electricity distribution), industrial (e.g. metallurgical, cement, manufacturing, military production and portfacilities), agriculture, agribusiness (milk and meat processing, grain storage and export terminals, equipment and input distribution), financial institutions (banks), real estate developers, and public utilities.

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