Global intangible asset value rebounds to hit all-time high

Business valuers recognise that intangibles present individual ‘facts and circumstances’ challenges. And IFRS 3, even without the proposed amortisation changes, does not fully report the current value of acquired or created intangibles (increasing the operational value of intangibles is generally […]

ESG and Business Valuation prospective paper

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have become central tenants in the capital allocation process for both the providers of capital (e.g., investors) and the users of capital (e.g., corporations).  The IVSC issues Perspectives Paper “ESG & Business Valuation”. Perspectives […]

Economy of real estate

November 19, 2016 on the portal “The Mirror of the Week. Ukraine” published the article “Economy of Real Estate” by Lyudmila Simonova