IRE and Thomas and Simonova have conducted asset and business valuations for a large number of companies, financial institutions, government agencies and various other project participants. Asset and business valuation assignments have covered a wide range of appraisal purposes and uses. The broad range of business sectors represented by clients reflects the breadth and depth of the company’s international valuation expertise as well as expert’s personal experience valuing assets within many and divergent industries – ranging from agribusiness to manufacturing; from banking to energy generation and distribution; from ports to shopping centers; from housing to hotels.

Ukrainian clients are assured of the accuracy and reliability of appraisal results owing to our expertise in the complex business and legal environment of Ukraine and an in-depth knowledge of all major economic sectors. Knowledge of Ukrainian engineering systems, machinery and equipment, manufacturing techniques, business processes, and the challenges to economic activity that are inherent in the current state of logistical and transport systems, all work to ensure that the company’s valuation reports for all types of assets and companies are accurate and fully embedded in the reality of Ukraine’s economy.

International clients are further assured of appraisal accuracy and reliability by our internationally certified valuation expertise, unique within the Ukrainian appraisal industry, and our personal experience with the appraisal of assets and companies within a global context. We specialize in valuations within challenging markets throughout Eurasia. An added benefit for international clients is our native English language skills to write reports that meet high professional standards and that are unambiguous in meaning. Strict adherence to international standards of valuation and business ethics further assures international clients that all property, asset and busines valuations will be reliable, transparent and honest.

The following list includes some but not all of the companies, financial institutions and government agencies with whom IRE has worked on appraisal assignments. Some entries in the list below are entities for which valuation assignments were performed; some entries in the list were the object of various valuation assignments; and some entries in the list are entities that were responsible for approving the valuation report. Most entries encompass one or more of these classifications for more than one appraisal assignment. More than one valuation assignment marked with “*” sign.


Valuations and Project Participants

Clients IRE Clients IRE


  • Agro Invest Company
  • Aloka Daewoo (electronics)
  • American Industrial Development Corporation*
  • Aval bank
  • Avdeevka Coke-Chemical Company
  • Baltic Beverages
  • Battelle Incorporated*
  • Bechtel Consulting*
  • Black Sea Trade and Development Bank*
  • Bolshoi Management
  • Borispil International Airport
  • Chernigiv Oblenergo* (electricity distribution)
  • Chernomor Brewery
  • Coctabel Winery
  • Communications Technology Inc.
  • Daewoo Telecom*
  • Dakor
  • Defense Enterprise Fund*
  • Deloitte and Touche*
  • Desna Brewery
  • Dniprenergo (electricity distribution)
  • Dnipro Kaolin (mining)*
  • Dnipro Kriviy Rig Heating Station
  • Dniprospetstal (steel mill)
  • Dnirpo-Daewoo (electronics)
  • Dobryanka Pellets Factory
  • Donetsk Iron and Steel Company
  • Econoler* (energy services company)
  • Engelhard Corporation*
  • Ernst and Young
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)*
  • Finance and Credit Bank
  • First Ukrainian International bank
  • Freedom Farm International*
  • Gostomel Glass Factory*
  • Hagler Bailly Consulting*
  • Hellenic Telecommunications
  • Hughes Network Systems
  • Insurance Company Megapolis
  • Kherson Oil Refinery
  • Kiev Vodokanal (water utility)
  • Kirovograd Oblenergo* (electricity distribution)
  • KPMG/Peat Marwick*
  • Kramatorsk Brewery
  • Kramatorsk Cement Plant
  • Kreditprom Bank
  • Kremenchuk Milk Processing Plant
  • Lviv Oblenergo* (electricity distribution)
  • Marganets Mining Company
  • Ministry of Finance, Ukraine
  • Ministry of Industrial Policy, Ukraine
  • Municipal Hospital, Kyiv
  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • Northland Power Company
  • Novotechterminal LLC*
  • Odesa Oil Refinery
  • Ordzenikidze Mining Company
  • Orizon (sputnik plant)
  • Oschad bank
  • OTIS
  • P.A. Consulting*
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory*
  • Pervomaiskaya Hydropower Electric Station
  • Poltava Candy Company
  • Poltava Oblenergo* (electricity distribution)
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers*
  • Privat Bank
  • Prykarpattya Oblenergo* (electricity distribution)
  • Rosava Tire Plant*
  • Russia Partners* (investment fund)
  • Saratov Wallpaper Company
  • Sea Port Chernomorsk
  • Sevastopol Marine Plant
  • Shargarod Milk Factory
  • Shostka Milk Processing Plant*
  • Skyworth Group Limited
  • Stakhaniv Ferro Alloy Plant
  • Stalkanat Metallurgical Company
  • State Property Fund of Ukraine
  • Sumy Oblenergo* (electricity distribution)
  • Syngenta Agra AG
  • Ternopil Oblenergo (electricity distribution)
  • Texterno Textile Plant
  • Ukrainian Energy Saving Services Company (UKRESCO)*
  • Ukrainian-American joint venture of Johnson & Johnson
  • Ukrainian-German joint venture Reemtsma-Ukraine
  • Ukrainian-Swiss joint venture ABB-RZVA
  • Ukreximbank
  • Ukrnafta
  • UkrWest Windows*
  • United States Agency for International Development*
  • United States Department of Energy*
  • United States Embassy in Ukraine*
  • United States Export Import Bank*
  • Vynnytsia Meat Processing Plant
  • Zaporizhia Aluminum Smelter
  • Zaporizhia Electro-Mechanical Factory
  • Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant*
  • Zaporizhia Oblenergo (electricity distribution)
  • Zaporizhia Transformer Company*
  • Zhytomir Chemical Fibers Plant*