Property Assets and Business Valuation to Support Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in Ukraine has been constrained by the inability of investors to obtain accurate, reliable and useful valuation reports for businesses, property and assets that were prepared by internationally-certified appraisers. This situation has negatively affected investment of both equity and debt capital.

Foreign investors are often not aware of internationally-certified Ukrainian valuation firms with a referenced-history of providing independent valuations and analytic opinions, at fair market prices, and without conflicts of interest from ongoing work with potential competitors to the foreign investor.

Foreign investors are usually aware of well-branded and very large international accounting or auditing firms that may also provide valuation services as a secondary or tertiary offering. These branded firms, however, are very over-priced for the Ukrainian market. Worse yet, these large firms are often riddled with conflicts of interest that can comprise the independence of their valuation work. For example, an international auditing firm, may provide assurance services or auditing services for major clients in Ukraine, international and domestic, against which a new foreign investment would compete.

An alternative and optimal strategy for foreign investors entering the Ukrainian market is to work with an internationally-certified, internationally-referenced, Ukrainian valuation firm that has a proven record of appraising a wide array of assets, properties and businesses, decades of experience working within many sectors of the Ukrainian economy, the ability to write appraisal reports in native-English. An independent valuation services firm can provide competitive prices that reflect the Ukrainian market and that ovoid the high overhead costs of large accounting and auditing firms – costs that are passed on to clients.

IRE USA Inc, IRE Ukraine (LLC), and Thomas and Simonova are Ukrainian-American property, asset and business valuation firms that meet these criteria. These firms offer fair prices for high quality valuations and in-depth analyses. They have absolute independence from any conflicts of interest as valuation services are their sole source of business.